Maybe a friendly face and some company is all that is required

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We all like different things, our hobbies and interests reflect this, which is why they are important to us. Our companions provide a trusted and high standard service to meet yours or your loved ones individual requests and take a genuine interest in their likes and dislikes as well as finding out activities they have always enjoyed.

Improve quality of life

Activity and social engagement is vital to health, well-being, happiness and mental stimulation. Keeping your brain and body active is key, we can provide support, motivation and stimulation. Each individual receives a free, at home, no obligation assessment to create your own specific service that meets your needs.  To provide you with some examples, this could include:

  • Escorting to any medical or social appointments
  • Errand service
  • Provide transport
  • Providing company during hobbies and interests
  • Encourage and promote mental stimulation
  • Meal preparation or baking together, encourage a healthy well balanced diet
  • Help you to plan and organise all aspects of home living
  • Assisting while friends/family are away or having some respite
  • Plan outings together or help to organise travel or holidays
  • Pet care

If it’s important to you, it becomes important to us. Once we understand what you need and what is important to you, we can then design the service to meet those requirements.

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