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We are a family orientated organisation, which has encouraged input from several generations to create a service full of care and trust that all members of the family will be more than happy with. Changes in life style can be difficult to adapt to, especially when it is unexpected, this can make a significant difference to your routine and way of living. We aim to support you as much as we can to provide a high quality and comfortable life and manage these changes or circumstances.

The last three generations have had the experience of working within the healthcare industry and have gained a first-hand insight into the feelings and emotions of the people that will benefit from this service most, as well as the feelings family members can experience during difficult times and the processes they may go through.

Home Help CrosbySome recurring issues found itself within the older members of our community, at times feeling vulnerable, anxious about the future and  their home comforts and routine changing around them. One aspect they continued to feel particularly difficult to cope with, was going from total independence to needing help or care, we wanted to create something to support people within these times and provide people with an alternative support service.

‘Bring Me SunShine’ have created this unique support to help people who do not need personal or nursing care, but do need support, home help or companionship to enable them to stay comfortable, safe, happy and independent in their own home. This service is created to personally meet their needs and is structured just how they want it during a detailed at home assessment, during this, we create your bespoke support plan to include any tasks your require, all the key information along with you requested visit days/times.

A message from Kayleigh (Managing Director)

Welcome to Bring Me SunShine. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved over the years of supporting individuals across Liverpool, Sefton and Lancashire. In the early days of developing a Home Help, Support and Companionship organisation, we set out the core goals which are very much still the same today.

I can truly say we achieve these goals each day. Hundreds of people have benefited from receiving SunShine Support. We have many loyal service users and families that rely on us to maintain this level of care even through extremely difficult times such as the current COVID pandemic.

We have built a caring, compassionate, reliable and trusting organisation throughout. We work together as a team towards the same goals. We often work alongside care agencies and health care professionals to offer an all rounded support to individuals in the community. After building a high regarded and reputable organisation, our primary client base comes through referrals from GP’S, social workers, hospitals, occupational therapists, district nurses and so on, as they now know passing an individuals onto our care will benefit them in many ways.

I can not think of a better way to spend my time and efforts than improving the quality of life of those within my community in any way I can. With every thank you and positive feedback, it drives our team to continue to drive forward in the efforts of spreading the SunShine that is so desperately needed for so many. There is huge satisfaction with firstly being faced with reluctance and transforming this to: testimony ‘I often think, the best thing that ever happened to me, was finding your leaflet in Sainsbury’s – Margaret’ – This is often how the cycle works in reaching out for help.


                                                                                                                                                                                                A message from Susan (Registered Nurse & Family Member)

We have used our knowledge and experience to provide something that is needed within our modern community to support those people, or families, who are struggling or feel lonely, this service really makes a difference. We also support local charities working for a better life for older people and support their work, we feel working together can really make a difference to getting older, as it will come to us all and we want the right support in place for people who need it most. I have worked as a nurse in hospitals and nursing homes so am fully aware of the difficult situations older people and their relatives can find themselves in, accepting help is the most difficult part but when you do it, it can change your life, we take pride in the difference we make.

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