Sleep Ins

For help through the night we provide a Sleep In Service.

Whether you need something to eat or drink, or just the peace of mind knowing somebody is in the next room so you can have a sound nights sleep, our friendly Helpers will be ready should you need them.

After an operation, an ongoing service or just occasionally when you feel under the weather we can arrange our visits to benefit you in the best way possible.

The service is split in to two options :

  1. The Helper sleeps during the visit but can be disturbed up to 3 times and it would be costed as a nights sleep.
  2. The Helper stays awake for the night and would be costed at a Night Shift rate.

Supper before bed with a nice hot chocolate or breakfast in bed in the morning with a nice hot drink, our Enhanced DBS checked staff will be at hand to make sure you are catered for when you may feel you need us most.

Morning phone calls can be made or letters can be written and posted that day to help keep things organised when appointments and paperwork can feel like it may start piling up and you just don’t feel like doing it. It is our pleasure to make sure we help in any way we can.

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